What is a Giclée print?


Giclée printing is a print-trade / art-trade term for extremely high resolution digital inkjet printing using specialised equipment,  high quality ink, and an archival substrate such as acid-free "art" paper or canvas. With drastically improved image sharpness, brighter colours and high fade resistance, it's the method of choice for reproduction of artwork. Professionally produced Giclée prints are much more expensive on a per-print basis than the four-color offset lithography process traditionally used for such reproductions.


We chose this method of production for our prints because they offer the best possible results in terms of colour reproduction and longevity. Giclées have a more traditional look than Big Vinyl Art cut-outs with lovely saturated colours and deep blacks. 


Giclées have no vinyl layer and are supplied as on thick 310gsm textured matt Canson Aquarelle rag paper. They are printed professionally at 1440dpi using Epson UltraChrome HDR wide gamut Inks which have a life expectancy of upto 100 years in bright daylight. They are not framed but are conveniently sized to fit off the shelf frames from stores such as Ikea.


What is a Big Vinyl Art cut-out?


Cut-outs have a plot-cut vinyl layer which is generally made from matt black Avery 800 series vinyl. This layer is physically stuck onto a digitally printed colour background layer which in turn is stuck onto 5mm Foamex mount board before being sealed with Liqutex archival matt varnish. The result is visibly three dimensional and has a surface which not only has depth, but which creates further depth through shadows created by the raised surface. These images are touchable because of the protective varnish amd are ultra-matt with an excellent viewing angle. They are supplied framed in simple black or raw aluminium frames without glass.


Take a look at the What Is Big Vinyl Art page for a more detailed description.


What is a Big Vinyl Drawing?


These works are made in the same way as the cut-out's above, but instead of applying the vinyl layer to a digitally printed colour background, they are constructed using a layer of thick matt fine art paper. These works look like a very large traditional drawing and like the Giclées, they need to be framed.

How do you make a portrait?


Portraits are digitally drawn by hand and then I use software to tweak the drawing to make it cuttable or printable. This involves splitting the image into a black 'lines' layer and a colour 'painted' layer. This separation allows the artwork to the altered more easily and if you have ordered a Big Vinyl Art piece it creates a separate file for cutting out the vinyl layer.

How many proof's are included?


I'll endeavour to get your portrait right first time, but i'm happy to tweak your image until you're completely happy with it. So, no limit as such but hopefully i'll get things how you like them within a few versions.

Can I return a portrait if I don't like it?


Portraits are commissions and so are drawn to order. They are non-returnable. I have a proofing process in place to tweak your image to your satisfaction before it's printed or constructed so by that point you will have expressed your approval. I can only draw what I see from the picture you supply, so if you're not entirely happy with the picture you may not like the artwork I create from it. So, it all starts with a great photo. That part is down to you.

I've tried to cover common questions below. If I've missed anything please get in touch. Once you've placed an order for a portrait I will contact you and the process will involve quite a lot of chatting to make sure I know what you'd like 

What happens when I place an order?


Once you've placed and paid for an order, you will need to email accross your photo (s) with a description of what you'd like. So for instance I need to know what colour scheme you'd like and any particular comments about pose or changes to elements in the photo. I only draw the subject, not the background, but the background colours can be whatever you like, for instance to fit in with an existing colour scheme in your home.


It's sometimes useful to send supplimental photos to help get the colour of your pet's fur correct, or to give me more detail for important aspects like eye colour, markings etc. With horses it is particularly important to supply several photos because colours change so much from season to season.


It normally takes me about a week to finish the initial version of your artwork. I will forward this to you as a 'proof' which is a fairly low resolution .jpg. Your eventual artwork will be produced either as a vinyl cut-out or as a super high resolution print, so the .jpg is only an approximation, please keep this in mind. Once you have signed off the artwork, the final version will be produced and you will also recieve and digital copy at medium resolution which is perfect for making extra small prints at home or use on social media.


I keep copyright of the artwork and permission to utilise the artwork for promotional purposes. Your image will never be sold on, but I will archive a copy of the full resolution file should you require further prints or cut-outs in the future. 

Frequently Asked questions.

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