• It all begins with a great photo(s). Sort that first.
  • Decide what style of portrait would you like?
  • Would you like a Big Vinyl Art cut-out or a Giclée print.
  • Think about size and a colour scheme for your art.
  • Place your order in the mini-shop below.
  • Send your photo(s) and thoughts so I can get cracking.

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It all begins with a great photo.


Everything starts with a photo. As long as the quality is half decent, the main thing is choosing a picture which allows me as the artist and the person viewing your eventual portrait to make a connection with you or your pet, or both of you. Take a photo which demands to be looked at.


For my purposes, the way you want to portray yourself and what I as an artist can say about you in my work is completely governed by the image you choose. Keep in mind I am working from the pictures you send. If you don't really like the way you look in the photo you send, then chances are you won't like the portrait I create from it. If you'd like a certain amount of 'tweaking' to create an image you're happier with, then let me know and I'll do my best.


Sometimes the posed formality of a traditional portrait just seems stuffy, especially with the prevalence  of instant photo sharing and the obligatory selfie. Often funny and always self-aware, the rapid creation, consumption and disposal of these images creates a mass of source material for portraits which have a direct and contemporary edge, so why not sit yourself down and snap a few selfies.


I am happy to use multiple images as a basis for your commission.

Decide between Big Vinyl Art and a Giclée print 


All the artwork starts life in the same way, as a hand drawing that ends up as a digital vector file. The beauty of this is that the artwork can then be made in any size or format without losing quality. At BVA we offer two options for the final production of your artwork.


Big Vinyl Art cut-outs use a combination of quality Avery 800 series cast vinyl and Fuji C-Type Matt digital printed backgrounds. The cut-out vinyl elements are applied over the digital printing to create a textured, tactile artwork.


The plot-cut vinyl works are very complex and unlike the lightly textured printed surface of the Giclees, they have a hand made crafted finish and a unique form which reveals a subtle 3D effect rather like embossing adding another dimension of light and shadow. They are supplied ready framed.


Giclée art prints are digitally printed versions have no vinyl layer. They are professionally printed on thick Canson Aquarelle 310gsm textured matt paper at 1440dpi using Epson UltraChrome HDR wide gamut inks which have a life expectancy of 100 years in bright daylight. Giclées require separate framing.

Think about size and a colour scheme.


How big do you want your artwork? What colours would fit your room? I can sample colours from any source to suit

Place your order in the shop.


OK, so you've chosen a photo, decided what format and size you'd like and even thought about colours for the background to fit into your home you're ready to order. Please scan to the bottom of this section for prices, advice on the submission photos and a little more information on the production process. 


Please select your product from the shop at the top of the page. You can pay by either PayPal or bank transfer. Images need to be sent separately via the contact form or by email.


Once i've recieved both your payment and photo it normally takes about  a week to get to first proof.  You will have numerous opportunities to proof and tweak your artwork before we get to production.  


Everything is bespoke so if you would like a size not listed below please contact me directly for a quote. 

Options options options.


Everything is bespoke so options are literally endless. I aim to please so if you'd like a triptych just shout. If you'd like a double portrait or even one of you with your pet, it's all good. :-)


Ordering as a gift. 


If you are ordering as a present please order at least a few weeks beforehand. I'll do my best to meet your timing requirements but there are only so many hours in the day! Cutting, peeling and assembling a print is very time consuming, and printing takes about a week, so if you're buying the portrait as a gift and need delivery for a particular date please let me know as early as possible.


Submission of images.


Images need to be clear and pretty good quality. A fuzzy low resolution snapshot isn't a great place to start when drawing a portrait. Typically a 8mp phone shot would be OK. I can take elements from multiple images. Any format is fine, including short clips of HD video. Please don't down sample or process any images. Images can be submitted from the contact form or emailed. 


Please feel free to send supplemental images if you think they will help create a more rounded portrait.




Following the receipt of your image (s) I'll produce a proof of your portrait and email you a link from which the image can be viewed online or printed. Please keep in mind that proofs are for illustration purposes only and are fairly low resolution jpg's. Your eventual picture is a vinyl cut-out or printed at very high resolution and will be far more detailed and dimensional than the jpg proof can illustrate. Following the initial proof the image can be tweaked to your satisfaction before it's produced.




Once I know what you want to order and your address details i will provide you with postage costs. All works are delivered by insured courier. I can send work worldwide. Delivery will be about 7 days from approval of the proof. Larger works may take longer depending on how complex the image turns out.




All work needs to be paid for in full before being constructed or printed. Works can be paid for when you order via the shop by Paypal or you can defer payment at this stage to pay by bank transfer. Credit and debit cards can be used through Paypal even if you don't have an account. If you are using the PayPal app you can transfer your payment directly by simply using my phone number.


What sort of portrait would you like?


Take a look in the Archive gallery for some inspiration. Sometimes my work is fairly stripped back letting the black lines do all the work. Sometimes it's an explosion of colour. If you get an idea or see something you like then let me have your thoughts. If you'd prefer to leave everything to me, then that's OK too. 


Start by having a good look through the Gallery which should give you some ideas about how you'd like your portait to look. Everything is bespoke so if you have an idea or an absolute vision, let me know. 


Read through this page which will guide you through the ordering process.


You will be able to place your order in the mini-shop below, but If you have any questions or would like to chat about your ideas before you place an order, please feel free to contact me.


All my artwork is completely bespoke, so if you do not see the size of artwork which you would like, then please contact me to for a quote.  


How to commission a portrait? 

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