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October 16, 2018

Who says digital artworks can't have touchability?

Gicleé's are basically very very posh ink jet prints. They are designed to last decades without fading and are far superior quality to anything that can be printed at home.  Gicleé's are used for fine art reproductions...

April 1, 2018

Coming very late in life to the joys of all things equine, I am now a committed horse fan. 

Busy learning the basics on our lovely boy Oakley, who I consider to be a really big dog, I've found spending time around horses a joyous experience. Next stop is of course a por...

October 15, 2017

And out with the old. This new colourful print style will shortly be replacing the old options in the store. 

The new work is still drawn by hand but the old black lines have been replaced with colour, lots of colour.

New portraits are significantly more complex than my...

June 13, 2017

 Everybody LOVES a Labrador and these two boys, Afton and Cody are no exception. Their owner, an architect, liked the simplicity of our Big Vinyl Drawings so both the portraits are paired right down to let the lines of the drawing take centre stage.

These work...

July 21, 2016

The video shows the whole process of making Bongo. From my initial drawing to the cutting and assembly of the final artwork, all set to my tribal beats. More details below.

Bongo's portrait started with a photo-shoot to help decide which was his best...

June 30, 2016

​Up until 2015 my experiences around horses hadn't exactly been great. Fortunately, with a little persuasion I got back in the saddle and finally got close enough to horses to appreciate just how beautiful they are.  Here's a little potted history to amuse you plus a f...